IT Legal Talk: GDRP and its Implementation in Ukrainian Environment

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On the 31st of March the attention of the Kharkiv IT Cluster team was directed to the European regulations of personal data security.

The topic has become urgent due to the announcement, that than General Data Protection Regulation are going to come into force in May 2018.  As a result, all Ukrainian companies, having European partners, will have to adhere to these regulations to avoid sanctions by the EU supervisory organs.

Ivanna Pogrebnyak, head of the IT Cluster Legal Committee, opened the event. The following speakers took part in the discussions:

Yuriy Gerasym (ELEKS),

  • Olga Demian (Data Protection Resource Hub),
  • Andrey Krasniy (Deloitte),
  • Arsen Kulyk (ELEKS)
  • Olga Romanenko (PwC),
  • Alexey Stolyarenko (Baker&McKenzie).

3 IT Legal Talk: GDRP and its Implementation in Ukrainian Environment

The speakers paid special attention to the regulations of personal data protection at the national level. This topic is relatively new for our country. In 2010 the necessity to adopt the corresponding legislation was firstly discussed. The process started in the same year, when the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data was ratified.  Regarding the country’s current European integration dynamic, the implementation of the GDPR will start in the next 2-4 years.

As Alexey  Stolyarenko mentioned, now the business faces new challenges. It is necessary to update the current technological level for more opportunities to process personal data, that is demanded by the GDPR standards. For them it will become the crucial factor to survive.

The changes are also awaited at the national level, as the GDPR will serve as catalyser for the shift towards digital economy.