Invest Club: about investments in the Armed Forces and defense

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Investing in Ukraine’s security is what helps Ukrainian businesses and the entire country today. Thanks to the heroes who serve in the Armed Forces and other units, we are able to continue working, close trucks and fulfill customer projects.

The Kharkiv IT Cluster community is constantly implementing charitable initiatives based on the IT4Life project ecosystem. Purchase and delivery of humanitarian aid, both for civilians and the military to ensure a counteroffensive.

🗓 On May 29, Kharkiv IT Cluster invited executives, tech business owners, and investors to an online discussion within the Investment Club to share experiences, discuss the current state of affairs in the investment sector, and present their own projects.

The topic of the meeting: «Investments in the Armed Forces and Defense».

Military and Defense Tech is a field that will not only be an advantage over the enemy on the battlefield in the future but also a pillar and driving force of Ukraine’s economy.

The speakers of the event were Brave1* profile experts

🔹 Oleksandr Mruk — International Cooperation Manager at Brave1;
🔹 Oles Khudoba — Head of Finance and Partnerships at Brave1.

More information

ℹ️ Brave1 is a cluster for the development of Defense Tech in Ukraine.

brave1_eng-414x233 Invest Club: about investments in the Armed Forces and defense

The primary mission of the Brave1 cluster is to accelerate the implementation of developments and become a single window of cooperation between Defense Tech companies, the state, and the military, as well as investors, volunteer foundations, media, and everyone who helps bring the Victory closer through technology.

Brave1 has created an online platform through which developers submit their project application, which is evaluated by military and business experts.

«Investor interest in Ukraine is palpable today, but we face a number of challenges, and one of the most critical is undoubtedly security in the country,» said Oleksandr Mruk, International Cooperation Manager at Brave1.

The event experts, Mr. Oleksandr and Mr. Oles spoke about all the nuances that developers working at Defence Tech need to know and answered questions from all those present at the event.

Project presentation

Kharkiv IT Cluster members presented their investment projects:

🔹 Oleksandr Shubin, CEO of SDA Company, spoke about «Production of FPV drones» — a project his team is working on to make Ukraine’s victory even closer;
🔹 Oleksandr Popov, CEO of Safari Concern, in turn, presented a project called «Construction of a cartridge factory in Kharkiv».

After the pitch, the attendees offered their options on how to improve their colleagues’ projects and exchanged experiences and contacts.

Abdurakhman Shaykhalov noted that the topic of the next meeting within the framework of the Invest Club is «Investments in real businesses in Kharkiv».

Follow the resources of Kharkiv IT Cluster and join Invest Club! Become a part of the big changes so that the whole world can hear about the powerful and unbreakable Ukrainian IT! We believe in the Victory and the Armed Forces!


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