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Intellias among three best employers in Ukraine according to EY

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Intellias has been named one of the top three employers within the Ukrainian IT industry and among all Ukrainian companies based on a survey of professionals by audit firm EY Ukraine.
For the fourth year in a row, Intellias received some of the highest ratings from professionals in an annual survey by EY Ukraine. This year, however, the company surpassed the previous results by ranking among the top three in two ratings at once — the IT industry rating and the integrated rating covering all employers in Ukraine.

The Best Employer 2023 survey involved more than 2,300 experienced professionals and early career professionals. Participants evaluated employers based on several criteria, including career opportunities and corporate culture. Some questions also concerned employers’ activities in the context of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

According to survey participants:

  • The most important factor for employer engagement is remuneration (72% of respondents).
  • Opportunities for professional development (59%) and career growth (53%) are important as well.
  • Experienced employees also pay attention to the corporate culture (56%) and the company’s brand image (55%).

Intellias is committed to investing in the training and professional development of specialists. The company’s internal IntelliHub platform puts all available opportunities and services in one place. Intellias experts can use IntelliHub to manage their careers independently, choose a mentor or become one, and access online educational platforms and regular training.

In addition, Intellias professionals can choose the time and format of work that suits them best, working at home, in the office, or a combination of both. As a family-friendly company, Intellias supports specialists who are parents or guardians, and the company’s offices in Ukraine and Poland are equipped with children’s rooms.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Intellias has also been consistently supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, together with Veteran Hub, aids military personnel in transitioning to civilian life.
For several years, Intellias has been recognized as one of the best employers in Forbes Ukraine and DOU rankings. In August 2023, the company was included in a list of the 25 best employers for female and male veterans according to Forbes Ukraine.

About the EY survey

EY Ukraine has conducted the Best Employer survey since 2005. The survey assesses the attractiveness of employers in the Ukrainian market, determines which criteria are most relevant for candidates when choosing employers, and provides recommendations on managing employers’ brands. During the survey, participants are asked to list the three most attractive employers. Apart from that, participants can choose interesting companies from industry lists based on research results from previous years.

About Intellias

Intellias is a global technology partner to Fortune 500 enterprises and top-tier organizations, helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalization. Intellias empowers businesses operating in Europe and the US, as well as the MENA and APAC regions, to embrace innovation at scale. The company has been featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, recognized by Inc. 5000, and acknowledged in Forbes and the GSA UK Awards. With two decades of experience, Intellias is geared towards ensuring the sustained success of clients on their value journey.

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