Військова форма й сотні пар тактичного взуття. Як Intellias підтримує жінок в армії

Military uniforms and hundreds of pairs of tactical footwear: How Intellias supports women in the army

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Intellias raised UAH 600, 000 to support the Ukrainian women, who defend the country. The company bought 50 units of military uniforms and 120 pairs of tactical footwear for women.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Intellias has been actively supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and supplying them with the necessary equipment, SUVs, drones, and other military machinery. Overall, the company spent more than UAH 49 million (USD 1.2 million) to support the army. IntelliWomen Community, a community of Intellias women, which unites over 420 employees, focuses mainly on supporting the Ukrainian women, who defend the country.

The idea of raising money for women in the army took shape after an IntelliWomen Community meeting with Kseniia Drahaniuk, a founder of the Zemliachki public organization, who talked about the relevant needs of women in UAF. Intellias employees raised money at the internal charity platform, IntelliShare. They donated corporate currency, smarts, or their working hours, which were then converted into the equivalent in UAH. Employees managed to raise the first part of the sum – UAH 300, 000 – in less than a week, at the beginning of December 2022, and bought 50 units of winter military uniforms for women.

Intellias-414x517 Military uniforms and hundreds of pairs of tactical footwear: How Intellias supports women in the army

In March 2022 the company cooperated with the Zemliachki public organization again to launch the next fundraising campaign, during which the Intellias team raised UAH 200, 000. The company added UAH 100, 000 more using the budget, which was initially allocated to buy presents for International Women’s Day. The final sum, UAH 300, 000, was spent on 120 pairs of tactical footwear for women in the army.

“At Intellias, we are proud of women, who joined the UAF. We want to support them and help them meet their basic needs on the frontline. I would like to thank our employees for their active position, initiatives, and participation in important projects. We also constantly develop our IT women community and support diversity and inclusion, are amongst our company’s key values”, says Mykhaylo Puzrakov, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Intellias.

According to various sources, there are more than 50, 000 women in the UAF and this number keeps growing. Having comfortable military uniforms and tactical footwear is one of the main needs of the women on the frontline.

“When we watch movies about superheroes, we see actors in fitting costumes. When we go to the gym, we wear comfortable sportswear and shoes. Men put on clothes and shoes for men, and women put on clothes and shoes for women. Currently, more than 50, 000 women serve in the UAF and we do our best to provide them with fitting shoes and uniforms that take into consideration their physiological differences. The war is not a movie or an exercise. You can’t reshoot a scene here. And military uniform becomes your second skin. It needs to be comfortable and functional to perform combat missions, especially on the frontline”, says Kseniia Drahaniuk, a co-founder of the Zemliachki public organization.

Intellias-1-414x276 Military uniforms and hundreds of pairs of tactical footwear: How Intellias supports women in the army

Intellias chose the Zemliachki public organization as its partner for a reason. This organization supplies servicewomen with fitting uniforms and footwear, provides them with ammunition and humanitarian kits, and ensures that their contribution to the UAF is seen and appreciated.

About IntelliWomen Community

IntelliWomen Community is a women’s community at Intellias, created in 2021. This is a safe space to share experiences and support each other. The community holds regular meetings, where participants can discuss different topics, including women’s health, the fight against gender-based violence, stress during the war, and others. The community has over 420 participants, which compose more than 70% of all women in the company.

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