Intellias вдруге у рейтингу найкращих роботодавців, відкритих для молоді

Intellias ranked among employers most open to hiring young professionals for second time

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Intellias has been recognized as one of the Ukrainian employers who is most open to hiring young professionals under 25. This year’s rating by a youth organization STUD POINT includes Ukrainian companies that not only support the economy and the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also create opportunities for startups in the IT field.

The main objective of the STUD POINT rating is to encourage companies to hire young professionals. The key criterion by which employers are evaluated is their openness to candidates under age 25.

Educational initiatives for beginners in IT is a focus area for Intellias. The company runs training programs, cooperates with universities, organizes regular technical and non-technical webinars, and launches marathons, hackathons, and case championships. Intellias encourages a growth mindset, giving young professionals lots of opportunities for career growth.

In 2021, Intellias launched the IntelliStart educational hub with two training options available: a practical IT school and bootcamps. The practical IntelliStart school offers relevant educational programs in frontend development, Java, .NET, DevOps, software testing, Golang, and more. IntelliStart is designed for university students, university graduates with technical degrees, and people who study IT on their own. If applicants already have practical experience in the field, they are advised to join bootcamps, which offer full-time employment opportunities along with guidance from the company’s best experts.

Additionally, Intellias has a Juniors Hiring Program. This is an internship, during which junior developers can work on projects under the mentorship of the company’s experienced engineers.

“One of the Intellias missions is to help today’s professionals and future professionals grow and develop. The growth mindset that we apply at Intellias offers people many opportunities for development. Our engineers are also happy to share their own experiences with younger colleagues. By becoming mentors in educational projects and training programs, engineers help junior professionals successfully start their careers. Nurturing talent is key to the development of the IT sphere in Ukraine.”Roman Gapachilo, VP, Talent Management at Intellias.

In 2022, Intellias held a number of open educational activities, including 16 IntelliStart webinars, 24 webinars for more experienced specialists, 3 lectures for higher education institutions, and 3 marathons; became a partner of 13 conferences; and organized the Intellias Agile Days and Intellias Blockchain Talks conferences.

Additionally, Intellias joined the SYNERGY 2022 educational conference to discuss educational programs for students and teenagers. The company organized Hour for Future for Ukrainian high school students and became a partner of the Game Hackathon at Lviv Polytechnic University. Intellias employees took part in Career Days at the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics and gave lectures on design and DevOps at the Kharkiv Technological University “IT Step.”

Intellias also offers various opportunities for professional development within the company, such as an upskilling program for middle engineers, mentoring programs, and free access to the world’s most popular online learning platforms.

In 2023, Intellias will continue to develop educational projects and cooperate with higher education institutions in cities across Ukraine. The company is working on creating new formats of training programs and expanding professional development opportunities for current and future Intellias team members.

About Intellias

Intellias – Intellias is a global IT company with more than 3000 specialists on board. The company’s development centers are located in Poland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Colombia and India. Intellias also has representative offices in Germany, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. More than two billion people around the world use technology products developed by Intellias engineers. In 2020 and 2021, the company was ranked as a top IT employer by Forbes and EY. Moreover, Intellias has been featured in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, recognized by Inc. 5000, and acknowledged in the GSA UK Awards. .

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