Intellias, together with the Come Back Alive Foundation, donated a buggy to the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence.

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The Intellias team raised over UAH 650,000 for the Come Back Alive Foundation, which was used to purchase a buggy for the Defense Intelligence unit of Ukraine (DIU) tasked with operations on the frontline.

A buggy is a highly mobile vehicle designed for off-road terrain, capable of reaching speeds up to 110 km/h and carrying loads of up to 240 kg. Its versatility allows the military to quickly execute tasks while staying mobile in any circumstances. Intellias employees raised funds for the purchase of the buggy using the internal IntelliShare platform.

«Buggies offer exceptional cross-country capability and tactical advantages. Thanks to them, we can easily get to the destination, complete the task and withdraw quickly,» says I. I., a Special Forces officer in the DIU.

Intellias consistently supports DIU units, including previous contributions to the Come Back Alive charity fundraiser for Leleka-100 reconnaissance drones in the summer of 2023. Alongside individual contributions, the company donated over UAH 6.3 million to buy four Leleka-100 drones.

«Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been steadfast in our support of the Defense Forces, providing various vehicles, including pick-up trucks, jeeps, and electric bikes. Now, we are adding buggies to our assistance, particularly beneficial during the spring and warmer seasons. It is important that the military could do their job timely and efficiently. That’s why Intellias works every day to help our defenders in bringing our victory closer,» says Oleksandra Chuchko, CSR Lead at Intellias.

Intellias’ total financial aid to Ukrainian defenders has surpassed UAH 86 million since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. In addition to supporting the Defense Forces, the company assists veterans reintegrating into civilian life through collaboration with the charity Veteran Hub and the implementation of employment programs for candidates with combat experience.

About Intellias

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About Come Back Alive Foundation

Come Back Alive is the largest Ukrainian charity helping the army. Since 2014, the Foundation has raised more than UAH 10 billion for the needs of the Defense Forces. Among other things, it has purchased more than 8,900 quadcopters, the Bayraktar TB2 strike system, 20,200 FPV drones, more than 1,200 new pickup trucks and more than 8,350 thermal imaging and night vision equipment.