Inside the profession: how to react to hateful comments

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Hello! Do you know how to react correctly to hateful comments? We will share some secrets with you!

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Hateful comments or criticism

To begin with, you have to distinguish such concepts as “hateful comments” and “criticism”. Hateful comments are empty comments, when a person just wants to offend you. But criticism is a well-grounded constructive comment that can even help you in the future.

If this is an example of constructive criticism, try to bring the person into dialogue. Understand the person’s point of view and justify yours.

And if this is really a hateful comment, then follow these rules:

  • Do not delete the comment. Be honest with your audience, you can’t please everyone.
  • Never reply to a hateful comment with hate. Don’t respond with anger, negativity, or admonition.
  • Do not leave comments unanswered. Analyze why the person wrote this comment and give an answer with the following information: the reason why it happened, how you have already fixed or how you plan to fix the situation, and be sure to thank for the comment.

If you drastically disagree with the commentator’s opinion, then answer this way: “Thank you for your comment. It is interesting to learn something about this topic from the other side.” or “Thanks for your comment. We will take your wishes into account in the following publications.”

For example, there is such a comment: “It seems like the video was made for little children!” The answer is: “Thank you for your comment. Indeed, we have a very wide audience and this video was aimed at younger subscribers.”

happiness-480x480 Inside the profession: how to react to hateful comments

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