In the help center “Station Kharkiv”  a program “Window of opportunity” has been launched

IT Cluster IT Cluster

It is planned to train 1000 people in Ukraine, who are interested in raising the level of computer knowledge during the pilot program. Training will be held in three cities – Kharkiv, Lviv and Zhytomyr.

The prototype- Estonian successful program, “Look on the world”, in which more than 100 000 people have trained to use a computer and e-services. The organizers created 1000 public access points and equipped all schools with necessary computers. .

“The first members of our trainee-group in Kharkiv, are volunteers. Thanks to “Stations Kharkov” for the interest in the program and to volunteers for their willingness to learn new things all the time. I think that it is easier to help others with the knowledge and skills to use computers and the openness to the world. The program starts with state support Estonia”,- commented Yanika Merilo, director of the Center of Development and European Integration of Ukraine.

“The status of internally displaced persons for the citizens of Ukraine is forced. Our public organization set a goal of development environment for technology business in Kharkiv.We “invest” in this project  coaches for the course. And if among the participants there will be people who want to continue their education or career in the field of information technology, it will mean the success of the project and execution of Kharkiv IT Cluster mission ”, – said Natalia Vinogradskaya executive director of the Non-government organization Kharkiv IT Cluster.