How to memorize more and better

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Kharkiv IT Cluster congratulates you on the Day of Knowledge!

The new academic year has already begun for the majority of schoolchildren and students, which means there are a lot of exciting and new things and moments ahead.

To make your learning process easier, we will share excellent techniques and life hacks for better memorizing.

How to memorize better?

  • Visualize.

Try to draw in your head a picture of what you are learning. It doesn’t matter if it’s a word, a term, or a period of human history. The brighter, more absurd, and funnier the visualization, the better you will remember everything.

  • Understand the material.

If you do not understand it, it will not remain in your memory for long. To determine whether you understand everything well, try to explain the material as simple as possible.

  • Build connections.

Try to link multiple terms or historical figures with one story. For example, think of a funny situation in which the presidents of the United States could find themselves, and pick similar words for the names of each of them: horizon — Garrison, or use Michael Jackson instead of Andrew Jackson.

  • Try to connect the material

to your room or apartment. For example, hide one piece of information in the closet, another one in the fridge, and be sure to come up with a reason why those things are there.

  • Apply.

If you are learning foreign words or phrases, begin to use them in conversation today. If you are learning another material, try to explain it to someone else and make sure that the person understands everything well.

  • Repeat.

Repeat what you’ve learned several times each day and then increase the intervals. For example, repeat tomorrow three times, then repeat in a week, in a month, and so on.

A hint: make an environment around you comfortable for concentrating. Turn off gadgets, music, do not watch TV series, think only about the topic you are learning.

Follow these simple rules and achieve greater success in studying.
Have a nice school year. Thank you for staying with Kharkiv IT Cluster 🙂

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