Not only technical positions: how to get into an IT company in 2024

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Despite all the challenges, the IT sector remains key in exporting services and offers a promising career path. One of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, GlobalLogic, ranking 4th in the rating of the most attractive companies for Ukrainian IT specialists, continues to attract talented professionals. The team revealed which directions will have the highest demand in 2024.

As of February 2024, GlobalLogic has over 160 open positions in various projects. More than half of the positions (63%) involve remote cooperation. The most relevant directions are as follows:

  • .NET — 22 open positions;
  • Java — 21;
  • DevOps — 17;
  • C++ — 16;
  • QA Automation — 14

GL_positions-480x480 Not only technical positions: how to get into an IT company in 2024

The C++ stack remains relevant for the second consecutive year: in 2023, specialists in this field also ranked among the top in demand. C++ skills are applied in software development for automotive industry, medicine, networking devices, computer games, and more.
To provide beginner developers with an opportunity to improve their knowledge, GlobalLogic is launching a new course, GL BaseCamp C/C++, in Lviv. After completing the course, the best students will be able to join the company’s projects.

It’s not just engineering positions: who else is being sought in IT companies

Your path in IT can start not only from technical specialties. For example, the company is looking for Ukrainians who will travel long distances by vehicle in Italy and Spain, thereby assisting engineers in digitalizing maps.

«I started my career in an IT company as a software coordinator 14 years ago, — says Anna Shcherbakova, Chief Operating Officer of GlobalLogic. — By the way, such long-term cooperation is a popular practice among our specialists. 27% of our 6,500 specialists in Ukraine have been collaborating with the company for over 5 years».

About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic, a part of the Hitachi Group, is a global IT company headquartered in Silicon Valley. It operates in 23 countries worldwide and brings together nearly 30,000 engineers.

In Ukraine, GlobalLogic is among the top three largest IT companies. Over 6,500 Ukrainian engineers of the company create digital products in key industries such as healthcare, automotive industry, telecom, construction, media, finance, semiconductors, and more.

GlobalLogic was recognized as one of the most resilient companies and the largest exporter of Ukraine in 2022 according to Forbes rankings. In 2023, GlobalLogic made it to the list of the top 200 largest private companies in Ukraine according to Forbes. Additionally, the company is one of the best employers according to Ernst & Young’s research.

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