How to find a relevant partner on the EEN platform?

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Daily unpredictable events destabilize the business ecosystem. Venturing into the international market becomes exceedingly complex. However, the Kharkiv IT Cluster community decisively responds to challenges and continues to progress even amidst instability. How did we manage this?

The Kharkiv IT Cluster, the only one among Ukrainian IT associations, is officially part of the EEN Consortium — the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized businesses with international ambitions. This enabled member companies to network among 600 platform member organizations.

Partnership on the platform

Initiating the right partnership can be a crucial step in achieving stability amidst uncertainty. Sometimes, this search can be challenging, especially when it comes to international partnerships.

The Enterprise Europe Network is one of the largest business support networks globally, specializing in fostering connections between enterprises. So, how can you quickly find a relevant business partner with its help?

The first step is registering your company on the EEN platform. This grants you access to a database of other companies also seeking collaboration partners.

Next, you need to create a detailed profile outlining your business’s goals, areas of activity, and requirements for potential partners.

Which sections of the profile should you pay special attention to?

  • Headline. It should be specific, engaging, and indicate the offered technology, avoiding marketing language and excessive capitalization.
    Example: «British Additive Manufacturing Technology Company Offers Licensing Deal».
  • Short Overview. This provides the first information potential partners see. It should concisely represent your business’s geographical location, type, technology/know-how, advantages, and desired types of collaboration.
    Example: «British startup specializes in additive manufacturing technology, based in London. We offer services and technologies that expand the capabilities and potential of laser powder deposition for serial production. We seek ambitious manufacturing entrepreneurs aiming to reduce production costs and improve the resolution and quality of their parts. Our company offers potential manufacturers access to our technology through a licensing agreement».

Additionally, it’s crucial to detail the characteristics of your proposed technology to prospective partners, focusing on its innovative aspects, economic advantages, and performance. Specify the expected role of the partner: desired expertise and opportunities for joint implementation and technology development in the market. The more detailed the information provided, the more effective the search will be. This is realized in the «Partnering opportunities» section of the website.

unnamed How to find a relevant partner on the EEN platform?

Using search filters, you can find companies that match your criteria. Filter by sectors, regions, types of partnerships, and other parameters to find candidates that best fit your business interests.

After finding potential partners, you can contact them through the platform using the «find my local partner» button.

unnamed-1 How to find a relevant partner on the EEN platform?

Once you’ve found the partner closest to you, you can start exchanging ideas and information about collaboration. This can be done via email or web chat, depending on your preferences.

This is how consortium member companies find ideal business partners and build effective collaborations.

How to join the EEN Consortium?

The Enterprise Europe Network is designed to simplify the search for partners for your business and promote international cooperation. To learn more about platform opportunities, contact the project coordinator, Tatiana Kurtova, on Telegram @Tatiana_Kurtova. Expand your possibilities and initiate successful partnerships effortlessly.

Join the progressive Kharkiv IT Cluster community — transform your business and make breakthroughs in the market.

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