How to beat a blackout? — The story of invincibility Insoft

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The IT Invincibility blog is a story of Ukrainian IT resilience that proves that Kharkiv IT Cluster members will not be deterred by darkness and shelling. IT people do not give up and continue to do everything to make our Victory even closer: they work, support the economy, and donate.

The story of Insoft is another example of the power of Ukrainian IT, which the whole world can envy. The company continues to work despite the cataclysms outside. Blackouts did not break them, but only hardened them and made them stronger.

Insoft has 3 offices in Ukraine and each of them operates autonomously. During the first blackouts, the team immediately thought of and implemented several ways to ensure the autonomy of the offices and purchased the necessary equipment.

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The offices in Kharkiv are equipped with portable charging stations that have a separate centralized power supply. The stations turn on automatically when the main power goes out, so the team hardly notices when it gets dark. Uninterrupted access to the Internet is provided by fiber optics and routers connected to separate portable charging stations. Such technical support guarantees 10-12 hours of stable operation of the entire office infrastructure, so Insoft specialists are able to perform tasks and implement client projects.

office_insoft-640x427 How to beat a blackout? — The story of invincibility Insoft

The company’s Ternopil office is located in a business center equipped with a powerful generator and fiber optics. In addition, the team upgraded their workspace and bought charging stations and Starlink.

In addition, part of the team working remotely took the initiative to equip their workplaces at home. The company supported the specialists and helped with the purchase of all the necessary hardware: power banks, home chargers, etc.

Each specialist is involved and interested in continuing to work and being useful to their families, the company, and the country. Only by uniting our efforts around a common challenge can we overcome it and achieve a common result. This is what Insoft specialists have proven by their example and what all Ukrainians prove every day.

Blackouts do not affect the team’s productive workflow. Insoft has fully ensured the autonomous operation of their workspaces and turned them into real Invincibility Hubs!

We continue to work steadily and bring our Victory closer!

Become a part of Kharkiv IT Cluster — a resilient community that shows its un-breakability even in turbulent times!

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