Help in fundraising for those affected by the fire in the Dvorichanskyi district

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You may have already heard about a fierce fire that happened in the Dvorichanskyi district. Several villages were damaged, houses burned down, and people lost everything.

Our colleagues have been helping on their own for several days on-site:

  • feeding the firefighters at their own expense, 200 people a day;
  • helping people with housing;
  • feeding locals, and much more.

Several IT CEOs have already supported the initiative.

Within the IT4Life project by Kharkiv IT Cluster, we invite you to help in fundraising and spreading the information to raise funds.

Aleksey Kholodenko, the Supervisory Board member and the founder of CodeIT, controls the intended use of the collected funds.

You can transfer funds in two ways:

  • On the IT4Life project website using the “Make a Contribution” button (please indicate the word “антипожар” in the purpose of payment);
  • to the bank account of the BO BF “AYTI FOR LAYF”
    Code (EDPNOU) 43580628
    Account number UA373515330000026004052140795
    in Kharkiv GRU AT KB Privatbank, MFO 351533
    Purpose of payment: “Irrevocable financial charitable assistance, according to the letter No. 4-9.7 dated 09/04/2020”.