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Grid Dynamics organized a hackathon “Stand with Ukraine”

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From December 9 to 11, Grid Dynamics held an internal hackathon “Stand with Ukraine”. The aim was to build a modern and handy app to serve the humanitarian purposes of the country. The event occurred in a hybrid format and attracted the company’s specialists from Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, and other countries.

In total, 46 Grid Dynamics’ employees participated in the coding challenge to make their intellectual input for the benefit of Ukraine. Six teams presented their innovative projects to mentors. “You are missed at home” was selected as a winning team. The engineers developed a mobile app to find people who went missing during the war. Its AI-powered system helps identify a person by their face and remarkable features (scars, tattoos, birthmarks, etc.). Every day, the number of such requests grows, and the app solves this severe problem.

How does it work?

There are three parties involved.

  1. The one looking for a missing person uploads their photo to the system.
  2. The one (doctor, sapper, or soldier) who found a person requiring help (with amnesia, unconscious, or perished) adds their photo to the system.
  3. The moderator decides the following steps based on the data from the system and the one provided with the photo. Their decision is preceded by the constant and stable operation of the AI-powered system, which processes photos from both sides each second to find matches. If there is a match, the moderators get notified that there is a high probability of defining a person’s identity. Information about the victim’s blood group, allergies, and diseases is essential for doctors, so it should be put into the system. Relatives should add their contacts to be contacted promptly in case of a person’s identification.

As a result, the mobile app “You are missed at home” will help a significant number of people to find their missing family members, relatives, and friends. It will stay relevant when the war ends because people go missing even in peacetime.

Grid Dynamics awarded the authors of the winning project with memorable prizes: bracelets from Azovstal, which have become symbols of invincibility and courage, and a financial reward. All participants received branded gifts with hackathon symbols.

A brave nation requires bold ideas and solutions. Grid Dynamics specialists demonstrated a high level of professionalism, having developed socially significant projects within the time frame of the hackathon. Everyone’s contribution is invaluable because all Ukrainians work for a common goal — our victory.

We are approaching the victory of Ukraine together!


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