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GlobalLogic Kharkiv Has Brought Together 1,000 Professionals!

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GlobalLogic Kharkiv has crossed an important milestone — on the company and the regional levels — and now consists of over 1,000 consultants!

The Kharkiv office of the company had different times, from headcount reduction in 2014–2016 to rapid growth in the recent three years, when the number of engineers in Kharkiv increased twofold reaching its historical maximum of 1,000 engineers. It is definitely not the final figure: currently, there are approximately 100 vacancies open. It is worth noting that 28% of engineers have been with GlobalLogic Kharkiv for more than 5 years, while 10% of them — for a decade and more.

GlobalLogic Kharkiv implements state-of-the-art engineering projects in medicine, commerce, industry, and technology. We develop solutions in the finance, automotive industry, and telecommunications — boasting over 135 projects in total!


Nataliya Siromakha, Associate Vice-President, Leader of GlobalLogic Kharkiv:

– The team’s core competencies are medical projects, which in GlobalLogic Kharkiv are in the absolute majority; our cumulative experience in the field has already exceeded 15 years. Our specialists currently develop over a hundred all-level software solutions, which help improve
and save lives of more than 20 million people daily.


Depending on the potential impact on life and health, there are three categories of medical devices. Kharkiv engineers are competent in creating software for all of the categories. GlobalLogic Kharkiv implements applications for patient vital data tracking and analysis, systems of medical data transfer, processing & storage, along with software and information ecosystems for first-aid devices and
automated drug administration systems.


Developing critical devices involves great responsibility, so the company`s engineers are certified for compliance with relevant quality standards — in due time and on a regular basis. Our developments include a rapid melanoma detection system (by mole photo) and early stroke diagnosis solutions — please follow the link for more information.


Another direction of GlobalLogic Kharkiv activity is GlobalLogic Education. This means cooperation with universities and other educational institutions, improving the quality of education in the city, and introduction of new technologies into the learning process. In cooperation with universities, company experts update existing and create new training programs for a range of specialties — up to developing training programs for the teaching staff.


About GlobalLogic in Ukraine

GlobalLogic is a global digital product engineering services company. The company helps its clients design and build innovative products, platforms, and digital experiences for the modern world. About 90% of GlobalLogic projects are complex R&D solutions. Combining strategic design, complex engineering, and multi-industry expertise, the company helps its customers conquer new levels of opportunity and accelerate their transformation to the digital business of tomorrow. GlobalLogic has more than 300 clients, and over 80 of them are Fortune 500 companies. GlobalLogic is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA, while its 26 engineering and design centers are located all over the world and unite over 16,000 engineers.

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