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GlobalLogic highlights AI, Smart Cars, and 5G as top investment areas for businesses

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Despite the global recession, businesses continue to invest in cutting-edge developments. Experts from GlobalLogic Ukraine have identified the primary areas of interest for international businesses and explained how Ukrainian developers are involved.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV), and 5G are the technologies in which large international companies are actively investing. These conclusions are based on the analysis of global trends and projects involving over 6,000 Ukrainian specialists at GlobalLogic. They develop solutions for technology giants, including Fortune 500 leaders.


More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies already use GenAI in their operations. This year’s survey indicates that most of these companies plan to at least double their investment on GenAI tools.

For the safe and cost-effective implementation of generative AI, GlobalLogic has already developed the GenAI Platform of platforms. This development involved 80 Ukrainian engineers. The release for a wide range of customers is planned for the fall of this year. The platform allows integration of any existing language models and internal company data, reducing the costs of developing GenAI systems from scratch.

Google Cloud and Microsoft have already established separate strategic partnerships with Hitachi, the parent company of GlobalLogic, to accelerate innovation and boost productivity using GenAI.


The emergence of software-defined vehicles (SDV) promises a revolution in both car design and management. Market forecasts predict that the SDV market volume will nearly double, reaching $420 billion by 2028.

One of the world’s first SDV solutions was developed by Ukrainian engineers. Specifically, the SDV Cloud Framework, which will be implemented by Hitachi Astemo. a company equally owned by Hitachi and Honda Motor. SDV Cloud Framework can reduce the cost of implementing software in cars by 30% and speed up the process by 60%.


Investments in private LTE and 5G networks are expected to grow by at least 30% by 2026. Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is also growing rapidly, reaching $14.6 billion in 2023, with an average annual growth rate of 27%. By comparison, the AI sector’s growth rate is about 20%.

In response to global trends, a team of 16 Ukrainian engineers from GlobalLogic presented the 5G ClusterCraft Accelerator at MWC in Barcelona this year. This solution helps customize 5G networks to meet specific business needs. The development has a number of advantages for modern telecommunications companies, including network platform customization, creation of new business models, and rapid deployment of private networks with instant monitoring of changes for security.

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