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While intuition in decision-making can still bring value and lead to satisfactory results, many companies nowadays tend to adopt a data-driven approach to their businesses. But with the huge volume of data available and the inability to analyze it properly, many companies turn to professionals in this field.

To help our customers resolve these issues, we at Globaldev Group have set up a Data and Analytics department that focuses on identifying and delivering best D&A practices to the business.

What solutions do we offer?

Each customer is unique even from the same business section; therefore, we start with analyzing the client’s requirements to understand what are his special business requirements and then choose the best solution either technological or specific knowledge that we can provide. In case it is needed, we support him with finding professional employees for an ongoing project or build a BI, Data or Analytics team from scratch.

How can you benefit from it?

Under the leadership of Avi Baruch, VP of Data and Analytics, who has more than 15 years of experience in this practice, you can get the right solution whether it is consulting or hiring needed talents and creating an efficient workforce for your business.

With a Data & Analytics team at your disposal you can improve business operations, gain greater confidence in your decisions and identify trends that will positively affect your business’s productivity.

Many companies see value in a data-driven approach that turns massive amounts of data into something understandable and applicable. Building a strong D&A team for your business is equally important as finding the right technology or software to be used. Globaldev D&A practice pays close attention to both: people and technology, which in combination can make your business more agile, efficient and scalable.

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