Webinar Roadshow for the advanced: tools and lifehacks

Or How to come from a roadshow with a signed contract and a bronze tan at the same time


Free webinar for CEO and sales of IT service companies

June 1, 2017 (Thursday), 17:00 in Kiev. Duration: 1 hour.

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  1. And why, in fact, road show?
  2. How to focus on those who are really ready to buy.
  3. Tools that save time when preparing for roadshow.
  4. The matter is not in the scripts: Learning to understand the lead while inviting him/her to a meeting.
  5. Violate the rule of Pareto: 80% of the effort, which will give 80% of the result.
  6. Turn off the Hindu Style: how to hold a meeting without selling.
  7. Tips of organization: How to keep the situation under control, when everything changes.
  8. How not to die during a business trip, and even come back with a tan.
  9. What to do with the client after returning home.

Speaker: Sergey Snezar, CEO @ ClickMe.pro & COO @ Ambaha IT Solutions