Webinar How to bring customers from roadshows: Case study from Evgenia Len


Free webinar for CEO and sales of IT service companies


May 30, 2017 (Tuesday), 16-00 (Kiev time). Duration: 1 hour.

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What we are going to talk about:

  1. The most important stage is the preparation for the roadshow:

– With whom and how to appoint meetings;

– What and whom to take with you;

– How to prepare so as not to go.


  1. How to behave on the roadshow:

– schedule of meetings – how to plan everything correctly and sustain this pace;

– holding a meeting – what is better not to talk about;

– if there is time left – how to fill it effectively;

– duration of the roadshow: how many days it takes to catch everything.


  1. Summing up, follow-ups:

– to whom to write depending on the results of the meeting;

– work on the mistakes, and how to turn your failures into successful cases;

– localization is the next stage in the development of relations with new customers.


Speaker: Evgenia Len, CEO at Dinarys