Webinar “Active negotiations when selling IT services”


Active negotiations when selling IT services:

How to sell expensive and without discounts, even if competitors sell cheaper, and build long-term partnerships with customers


Free webinar for CEO and sales of IT service companies


June 29, 2017 (Thursday), 17:00 in Kiev. Duration: 1 hour.

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What we are going to talk about:


  1. Entry point: here you have appointed a meeting, you have 1 chance from one – what to say, how to sell?
  2. Funnel negotiations on sale.
  3. What is this contact in sales, and why do you need it? Teaser: without this, you will not sell anything in Israel.
  4. Questions, questions, questions – why 30 open questions per meeting are the necessary minimum.
  5. How to sell more expensive than the market, as we sell in Ukraine projects at $ 30-100K.
  6. Qualification of the lead: do not take yours, find out whose money is in the project and whether he/she can start it.
  7. A common mistake: we exaggerate the success of the movement in the funnel and think that we are about to close the deal. The main question of any sale.
  8. Preliminary presentation: your chance to avoid objections.
  9. The sacred right to say “no” and objections as requesting information from the client.
  10. Presentation of the solution: your task is to choose the most qualitative and most profitable solution for you based on the client’s criteria.
  11. Justification of price and trade, technology A, B, C.
  12. With the signing of contracts, sales are just beginning.


Speaker: Sergey Kravtsov, CEO, co-Founder Evergreen, entrepreneur and manager with 10 years of experience.