We are nearing the most important event on Blockchain in Energy in Poland

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We are nearing the most important event on Blockchain in Energy in Poland.

CBE Polska organizes the event that brings together the experts in the implementation of blockchain and most importantly – the end users of the technology.

Over the last 9 months since the first editions of the event the topic has been frequently discussed, however the extensive work that energy companies in Poland have been conducting stayed mostly off radar. This is the opportunity to network with the executives working on developing and implementing blockchain in the Polish energy and become their partners in tackling the challenges that this disruptive technologies bring.

The 2nd seminar “Blockchain in Energy” will take place in Warsaw, Poland, 16th of April. Polish and European experts in Blockchain in Energy will share their knowledge with industry leaders.

The second edition will focus on the use of blockchain in e-mobility, p2p, and distribution systems.

Various use cases will be introduced by Michał Legumina from Atende. After that, the topic of e-mobility will be covered by Christopher Burgahn, who has vast knowledge on the topic, having worked at MotionWerk and Share&Charge Foundation. You will learn how blockchain is game-changer for vehicle charging. Next, CEO of Columbus Energy will introduce to us the commercial use of the idea, in their network of renewable energy sources on one end and electric vehicles on the other end, connecting the ideas of e-mobility and p2p platform. Trendscouting expert from Trianel, Paul Jüngst will further share his experience with p2p in a large energy generating/trading company. Trianel has been on the forefront of research, development and implementation of the technology. Piotr Budzisz will introduce the idea of utilizing the p2p technology in microgrids and energy clusters in cooperation with DSOs. Rafał Skowroński will talk about the usability of blockchain for the smart grids and even in smart meters. The event will be concluded by a discussion panel of blockchain experts.

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