W2 Conference Kyiv 2020 to Discuss Corporate Wellbeing in March

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On March 17, Smile-Expo will host w2 conference Kyiv 2020. The event will focus on health
maintenance at workplaces. Dedicated to workplace wellness, the event will bring together experienced
experts that will discuss the establishment of corporate wellbeing. Speakers will present universal
practices that help to develop the creative potential of employees and improve business results.
The conference program will consist of interactive lectures and practical exercises.
Who may find it useful to attend the event?

The event will be interesting to executives that want to set up a highly productive team at their
companies. Top managers will have the possibility to find out how to manage personnel correctly and
achieve great results.
Human resources managers will get to know about modern trends in the field of business development.
Business trainers, psychologists, coaches, and other interested specialists will learn how to improve the
psychological climate in the team.
The conference will be useful to everyone who seeks career growth and wants to understand how to
manage human resources and successfully realize projects of different scale.
What will speakers discuss at the event?

The event’s program will consist of three blocks.
1. Financial and social wellbeing. Speakers will talk about the influence of labor compensation on
productivity and explain why it is important to build interpersonal relations in the team
2. Psychological health of personnel. Experts will analyze how to reduce the stress level at work.
3. Physical wellbeing. Reports will focus on employee health improvement and the importance of
unlocking personal resources.

Conference presentations
As part of the event, speakers will delve into the following topics.
 How to set tasks and delegate duties correctly.
 Setting up and maintenance of healthy communication between employees.
 Peculiarities of corporate training for personnel.
 Efficient ways to reduce stress, prevent professional burnout, and fight against fatigue at
 How to create favorable conditions for productive work.
 Measures to improve employee health and medical insurance.
 Corporate sports as a tool to manage employee motivation.

Event organizer

w2 conference Kyiv 2020 is hosted by Smile-Expo international company, which specializes in the
organization of events about innovations.
Buy a ticket to the workplace wellness conference and find out how to become more productive and
improve the economic performance of your business.
Details and registration are available on the website kyiv.w2conf.events.