Vue.js fwdays’20 is looking for speakers


28 November for the first time in Ukraine, there will be a conference related to the Vue.js for developers who use the Vue.js framework in their projectVue.js fwdays’20.

You can take part in the conference as a speaker. I wish you had heard the robots from Vue.js, you want to improve your speaking skill and use the knowledgeable ones on the proponents:

  • Composition API
  • Vue 2.6 to Vue 3 migration
  • Vue 3 Approaches
  • Component Libraries (Vuetify, Bootstrap-vue)
  • Nuxt.js
  • Vue Testing
  • Vue performance optimizations
  • Vue best/bad practices
  • Vue DX overview
  • Vue.js ecosystem
  • Vue.js3 with TypeScript and other.
Fill in the Call for papers form up to and including 14 October:

Call for papers

Let’s develop the Vue.js community of Ukraine together!

And if you want to enjoy the event with a cup of coffee as a participant, then subscribe to the web-page on the site:


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