VR Marathon vol.2

Kontorska street, 5, Kharkiv
For cluster participants
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The VR Marathon is a six-week intensive workshop, focused on acquiring practical skills in modern VR / AR / 360 / Web-media technologies.
After a four-week practical course and with the first understanding, you will receive two weeks to develop your own project with the support of the marathon team and investigate case-studies from city projects-the ability to make a useful prototype for yourself, or to enhance the culture and brand of the city.
In the end of the six-week marathon, participants will receive a set of knowledge on the specifics of the 360 / VR / AR industry, 360 production technologies and journalism, featuring mounting, shooting and ethics of 360-media with the support of mentors.
4 + 2 weeks
6000 UAH
For whom
The best participants are experts in marketing, programming, web design, who already have basic skills and are interested in new approaches.
programmers, product managers, architects, media activists and even executives of IT-companies.
Requirements for participation:
16+, own laptop and iOS / Android device as much as possible
Topics and the program for 4 weeks
– Analytics and case studies in the industries, sales, integration of innovative media projects into digital strategies.
– Trendwatching, media in VR / 360, business model, AR overview course
– the peculiarities of the perception of information by people
– Immersive theater and styles of thinking in culture
– interactive movie
– shooting and video installation in 360
– 360 journalism
– work with content 360
– Unity and work with asset libraries
– echnology constraints
– WebVR and JS visualizations
– prototyping with Oculus Go
after 4 weeks:
showcase and additional 2 weeks of work with the support of mentors for themselves or the cool city initiatives: museums, institutions, media projects and organizations.