Unit Testing of Enterprise Applications

Smart Club Workshop

FABRIKA, Blagovischenska 1 st.

Do you often have to deal with a mass of code that no one has ever covered with unit tests? Or even so – have you ever seen the code, covered with tests?

But each of us wants to see the beautiful, clear code, that can be easily modified. We want just to pick up and add some functionality.

November 19 a one-day Smart Club Workshop will be held by INSART – “Unit Testing of Enterprise applications.”

Two of the strongest Ukraine Java coachs – Sergei Nemchinskiy and Dmitry Sokolov, will learn you to write unit tests correctly, operate according to the Test Driven Development methodology (TDD), will talk about how to convince colleagues to write tests, and mostly important – you’ll love unit- testing.

More detailed information about the workshop is available on the Event page

Venue: FABRIKA, Blagovischenska 1 st.

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