Ukrainian Software Development Forum 4.0

Kiev, Velyka Zhytomyrska str. 33, Ukrainian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

On 15th of September, the leaders of the Ukrainian software business will gather on traditional annual Forum to shape the future of IT industry in the country and to share experiences.

This year we will have 8 discussion panels and more than 30 speakers!

First, traditionally we learn that the government is going to do with the it industry, our SAP model and other relevant issues of it, and of course will inform how this issues we see. We will talk with Stepan Kubiv, First Vice Prime Minister, Nina Yuzhanina, the Head of the Tax Committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the author of the liberal tax reform, Michal Boni, Member of Europarliament. From the business community Alexey Sigov, General Director at the «Infopulse Ukraine» and one of the first IT entrepreneurs of Ukraine, and Mario Lelovski, the Head of the Slovak IT Association will participate in this dialogue. About the searches and education, we will speak separately on other panels.

After intense discussion, we will turn to the crucial issue – how to sell more, and generally how to be the best software partner for customers – will learn it from Mikhail Salnikov, Strategic partner at Group Function IT at the «Nordea» Scandinavian bank. Also by Ilan Oshri, the guru of outsourcing, the author of the IT bestseller («The Handbook of Global Outsourcing and Offshoring»), and Jan Keil, marketing director at the «Infopulse Ukraine», the Forum participants will be able to learn about the global market strategies, outsourcing in the offshore, global distribution teams. In addition, a dialogue to enter Pascal Bedel, chief technology officer for international retail banking at BNP Paribas will take a participation in discussion.

At the parallel panel we will talk about what IT-representatives can make together in a particular city – will listen to the experience of the legendary Krakow IT Association «ASPIRE» in the face of Andrew Hallam and leaders of our clusters – Dnipro – Alexey Tulin, founder of «Archer Sofware»; Kharkiv – Oleksnder Medovoi – founder of «AltexSoft»; Odessa – Yulia Sulimova.

Next, after a delicious lunch, we will continue the event with the most of non-standard part. Founder of the «SoftServe», a pioneer of Digital Transformation practice in Ukraine, Taras Kytsmey and Darja Gornitska, one of the country’s leading experts in the field of e-commerce, General Manager at the «Astound Commerce UA», – will discuss how the market for IT companies gives Digital Transformation: how to go on the market and what will be new demands and requirements of customers. Sabine Demey, Director Software Research and Development, IT, at the «Materialise NV», and Herve Parmentier, the owner and CEO of the Digital Transformation Programs («HiPChannel») will round out their performances.

On the opposite panel we will meet with unique discussion between HR Directors of biggest IT companies about development of the HR market: what the IT profession will be needed after 5-7-10 years and what to do for attraction such professionals or to grow new ones, starting with the high schools – Alexandra Alkhimovich, Deputy Managing Director at the «Luxoft Ukraine», Roman Hapachylo, Head of Talent Acquisition and TA Marketing at «EPAM Systems» Ukraine and Bulgaria. Moreover, in the discussion panel provides coverage of the topic of long-term strategies of companies to attract specialists-stars, about coming out to market the Y and Z generation and about «war for talent» – will hear from Renata Chuchmay, Senior Vice President and Global HR Executive at the «SoftServe», and IT-representative, passed in parliament, a pioneer of IT education – Vladimir Spivakovsky.

Then we will talk about what will be the regulatory climate for IT in 2017, and what is lacking in Ukraine, with the best IT-lawyers of the country – Advisor «Arzinger» Olga Baranova and CEO «SBT Systems» Dmitriy Ovcharenko, with people’s deputies and representatives of State Fiscal Service. And if we have started a dialogue on the digital transformation, one of the best Ukrainian experts in the field of systems implementation – Igor Starepravo («Luxoft») – will talk about what the new year came in the Automotive and IoT.

In the end of the search for truth will be sweet banquet with wine.

Join it, will be interesting! Registration is open