Ukrainian Digital Forum 2021


Less than three weeks left to Ukrainian Digital Forum 2021 – the conference, where only TOP-marketers and experts in sales will be presented.

There are 12 speakers to change your marketing strategy by 360 degrees:

  • Yaroslava Gres – partner of Gres Todorchuk
  • Maksim Boritko – creative director of Banda agency
  • Ivan Ignatov – brand strategist Fedoriv
  • Ilya Reinish – commercial director of Laba
  • Evgen Kudryavchenko – founder of Vintage
  • Vova Smirnov and Nastya Zherebitska – Spiilka design directories
  • Anton Ivanov – co-founder of design agency CREVV
  • Pavel Antonov – head of performance advertisements department in Httpool
  • Bogdan Bunzon – CEO SMMSTUDIO
  • Andriy Shevchuk – the author of business presentation Instagram account in Ukraine @shevchuk.presentation
  • Anatoly Bondarenko, Olga Sharina and Alina Pshenichnikova from Netpeak Group
  • Dmitro Gannoshenko – Head of Monetization at Reface


Experts in design, targeting, sales and integrated marketing in one conference UDF 2021. You still can be a participant and join to event with TOP-speakers in a manual format.

Register on the websit with the promo code ITCLUS21 for upgrading the ticket.

Then about payment of the Standard ticket will be upgraded to Business ticket, and Business ticket become a Gold one.