Training “Methods of a group ToP facilitation”


Today the skill of facilitation is not just important, but is paramount!

Facilitation techniques are useful not only for people of the ‘helping’ professions for which it’s only fitting ‒ for trainers, psychologists, consultants – but also for business people. And these skills are necessary especially sharply for project managers, team leaders, heads of working groups.

There is good news. In the nearest future, there will be a place where facilitation can be learnt. In September (it is already soon!!!) the groups, which will train including Irina Fursman (the USA), will start in the city of Kharkiv.

Irina is the PRACTITIONER. She is a vice-president of the Brimeyer Fursman LLC consulting company

She is the certified facilitator by the method of ICA-USA ToP®, ICA Qualified Facilitation Trainer and the member of ICA-USA, the member of the Union of facilitators of Minnesota, International association of facilitators, the Union of trainers of ToP, the president of ICA-Ukraine.

The training will be held in two stages.

Stage 1 – September 19-20

Stage 2 – September 23-24

The training is conducted with the support of ICA-Ukraine entering into the international organization of ICA. ICA promotes the idea of participatory management around the world more than 50 years. It works with political, charitable, public organizations etc. The books are published and first-rate international conferences are conducted by ICA.

After passing 2 stages of training, it is possible to get an international certificate and to join the work of the ICA in Ukraine and other countries. To participate in international conferences and have access to the knowledge and experience cumulated by ICA.

P.S. There left little time. Those who wish to join, please call (067) 5795557

The cost of the first stage (two days): 5500 UAH.

The cost of the second stage (two days): 5500 UAH.

If you pay two steps at once , you will get a discount 10 % after registration.

Contact phone

+38 (067) 579 55 57

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