Visualization training

For cluster participants
  • percent10%

You can say something 10 times, but it is better to draw just one time.

You will learn to present your thoughts, plans and orders to employees with the help of visualization skills.

We will tell in advance that visualization  is not about to draw well. It is about to present your thoughts and ideas. Drawings are very simple, that everybody can deal with them.

This training will be useful for:

  • TOP-managers
  • Managers of all the levels
  • HR-specialists
  • Everybody who works with teams and groups

Tools acquired within the training can be used:

  • For meetings, presentations – to engage and keep attention of participants; to increase the level of activity and engagement into the process
  • For participation in negotiations – to present your thoughts quickly and clearly: to keep in focus all the information
  • To manage the active group work on:
  • Environment analysis
  • Ideas generation
  • Research and decision making
  • To define directions of development
  • For strategic and tactical planning
  • For work organization and tasks distribution
  • To grow motivation and development of loyalty
  • To manage work processes
  • To speed up the process of receipt, treatment and passing of the information
  • To provide developing feedback to employees
  • For individual help to the employee and their development
  • To learn to think in a different way and teach others to do that

Author and trainer Людмила Круглова (Lyudmila Kruglova)

Price of the participation is 5400 UAH.

Use the link for the registration or call on 0503832176