The fundamental IT education is the guarantee of your prospective job. Anyone who want to go in IT will have an opportunity to join ucode 16-month program on April 27.

Here are some reasons for you to apply:

✅ Participants will work in realistic conditions. A lot of practical tasks, collaboration with other students, modern iMacs at the UNIT Factory campuses, flexible and busy training schedule. Everything is like in a real IT company.
✅ The educational program consists of 4 stages. IT Kick-off marathon, design of solutions with use of the most popular artificial languages. Selection of personal specialization – Web Full Stack, Desktop Apps, Web Apps, IoT. And the final Big Challenge including realization
of your own project or even startup.
✅ Challenge Based Learning, an approach of Apple company, is widely used for ucode education. It means that students work just with real cases meeting the demands of modern employers. Minimum of lectures and theory, no teachers and homework.
✅ Not only knowledge, but also skills that will help students to work in commands and feel free in any IT team are one of the greatest priorities.
✅ The fire, codes and IT challenges are overcome. It's time for the main achievement – a dream job in one of the best IT companies of Ukraine. So, work and do your best to win this prize!

Do you have a real ucoder inside?
Apply for the program by April 24!