The Big Brain Club: JS EVENING

Location, Blagoveschenskaya St. 1
For cluster participants
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JS EVENING: two workshops on development

The first meetup of Artjoker’s Big Brain Club is taken place in Fabrika.Space on July, the 12th. The meetup subject is JS development, so join us – we are starting at 6:30 p.m.

The Big Brain Club – is a series of meetings with tech specialists. There is no place for people who are more into humanities. No milk-and-water – just tech know-hows. Our goal is to join all the people who are fond of software development into one community.

Who might be interested: JS developers of any qualification level, and everyone who is as hot for the development as we are.

The speakers are:

  • Sergey Tsapenko (CTO Wookieelabs) – React Native. Expectations vs Reality
  • Andrey Kannunikov ( coach) – Redux asynchrony, or Saga vs Thunk

Arrangement fee: 150 UAH

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