Technology Nation

How to make the nation of Ukraine IT people?

Kharkiv, st Blagoveshenska 1

– What is IT educational market today in Ukraine and in the world (figures, players, consumers)
– The global market trends of IT and IT education
– Who, how and why it is necessary to teach – Trends and Reality
– The unique program Technology Nation
– How to employ thousands of juniors without experience

Audience: students, teachers IT professions, IT specialists, persons wishing to learn as part of the Technology Nation

Technology Nation – a national project of free learning courses of the basics of programming.

Brain Basket Fund from March 2016 starts in 22 cities of Ukraine free courses Technology Nation Training Programme of programming like in best global technological universities (Harvard, Stanford, MIT). This course will allow anyone to get the IT world-class education and learn the basics of the most popular programming languages ​​that give students a good basis for further learning and employment in the IT sector.

Classes are held in the form of blended learning, which provides independent work of lecture material that is described in the online and practice of classroom under the guidance of experienced mentors at the 100 libraries throughout Ukraine.

Participation in the program requires no previous technical skills and everyone can apply. The only selection criteria are: to have computer skills as user and English at upper-intermediate level or above.

Start of training: March 1.

Category: 20-40 elderly.

The organizers are confident that the implementation of these programs will accelerate the economic development of the regions of Ukraine, and therefore of the country.

We invite all concerned to meet