Synergy is the largest professional conference in Ukraine, driving the development of IT education. Since 2014 the Association “IT Ukraine” gathers representatives of the authorities, business and educational structures on the same platform for the development of IT-education.

In eight years of its existence the event has attracted over 3500 participants and close to 200 speakers. All for the purpose of sharing experience, identifying priority vectors of IT development and creating favorable conditions for the development of the industry.

Synergy offers dozens of successful case studies, collaboration of leading IT companies and universities, best practices of corporate IT education, speaker presentations, panel discussions, presentations of startups and educational projects.

❗️ This year’s event is untypically held in summer, because it has a special theme and background. On June 24, 2022, “IT Ukraine” Association plans to gather over 500 guests for joint discussion of current IT world realities. The event will bring together experts in online format on various issues, including how the landscape has changed and trends in the IT industry, what knowledge and skills will be needed regardless of the military events, how to obtain a new profession, etc.

🔹 8 years of online conferences.
🔸 5 thematic events from June 19 on educational issues.
🔹 2 hot discussions.

Get to the important discussions of projects in the field of education and CSR, which, no doubt, will be an important part of the future of Ukraine!

👉 Date: 24 June 2022
👉 Time: 10:00

Participation is free!

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