Summer School of IT Law and Security

Fabrika.Space (Харьков, ул. Благовещенская, 1)
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On the 17-18-th of July in Kharkiv there will take place the Summer School of IT Law and Security. This event is aimed at deepening knowledge in the field of IT law and technology, comprehensive business protection and personal data. The school will bring together lawyers, university graduates, students and business owners to familiarize themselves with the specifics of contracting in IT, the disclosure of the topic of digitalization of society, taxation in IT and competitive intelligence.

The School will last for 2 days. On the first day, the participants of the event will be able to deepen their knowledge in the field of IT law and talk about the topics of the society’s digitalization and new IT trends, IT business structuring, outsource peculiarities, the correlation of IT law and information law and other relevant topics in the IT world. The theme of the second day will be IT security and topics of electronic evidence in court, phishing and pharming, a block of cybercrime and forensic.

The event unites the best specialists in the field of IT law, comprehensive business protection, leading lawyers and judges, among them: Alexander Medoviy, Olga Simson, Dmitry Gadomsky, Ivanna Pogrebnyak, Sergei Povolyashko, Herman Yampolskyi, Anton Zinchuk, Anna Lapitskaya, Sergii Vovk, Mykyta Knysh, Pavel Buslov, Maxim Kobrin, Vitaly Balashov, Elena Sibileva, Alexey Brintsev.

Networking Formats:

Communication will occur during speeches of speakers, as well as during the coffee break.

Location: Fabrika.Space (Kharkov, Blagoveshchenskaya st., 1)

Date: July 17-18.

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Financial aspects: participation in the event is paid (450 UAH)