Startup city: StartupAmsterdam experience for Kharkiv

Hilel Kharkiv, Konstitutsii sq. 1

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London. Each of these cities is a magnet for European startups, venture capital investors and innovators. Their success is mostly based on innovative industry. Each city is fighting for the hearts, capital and knowledge. Startup Amsterdam managers have decided to share their experience in the creation of startup – ecosystem.

That’s how the world saw the book “City of startups” Why does each city need technological innovation and startups for sustainable economic development? How city’s government can help in the development of startup- ecosystem?

In order to answer these questions and participate in discussions, come on February 13, at 16:00 to the public meeting with the co-founder StartupAmsterdam initiative – Ruben Nyuvenhaus.
In discussion will also take part Eduard Rubin, Roman Zinchenko (greencubator) and Irina Ozimok (Western NIS Enterprise Fund)