Soft Skills Course

Telesens Academy, 38 Molochna st.
For cluster participants
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Are you dreaming of landing a job in IT? Or are you already an IT specialist? Then it’s about time to talk about hard and soft skills. All is clear with hard skills: you know how to code and test. However, these skills are not enough. Because you’ll definitely need to develop teamwork, presentation, negotiation, mentoring skills and so much more. These are soft skills. It is believed 80% of your salary depends on them.

Soft skills are universal, and they are difficult to master by reading the books and taking online courses only. This is where training comes handy. Telesens Academy offers a training course helping you to polish soft skills.

Training is delivered by a professional consultant, teacher and psychologist, who takes part in current projects of Telesens Academy, LARUS Psychology School, Tutors Club and IT-Univer. She cooperated with Privatbank, Sigma, Artjoker, AltexSoft, Bristar Studio, Nika Entertainment, Source IT.

Duration: 6 weeks/15 hours, 2.5 hours once a week.

Start date: January 18.

Time: 19:00, Thursday.

Price: 1 500 UAH.

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