Съесть собаку #6

regular meetings with development experts

FABRIKA.SPACE, Blagovischenska 1 st.

On 15th December you are most welcomed to embrace the “Zen of Python” on our 6th Съесть собаку meeting for developers. Each time we have two fascinating IT-practitioners coming over to share their experience and answer your questions during the cookie talk.

nazarkin Съесть собаку #6

#1 Yegor Nazarkin, Software Engineer, DataRobot Ukraine

Subject: SaaS peculiarities at an angle of paid access to API and resources.

Talking points:

  • Problematic domain – introduction to resource management of SaaS solutions
  • SLA and requirements to fault tolerance
  • Balancing algorithms of API requests
  • Solutions extensibility in cloud infrastructure
  • Computing complexity of tasks and user requests management
  • Solutions and tools selection, extension of their abilities
  • Summary.


kalnytskyi Съесть собаку #6

#2 Igor Kalnitskiy, Senior Software Engineer, Mirantis

Subject: You can’t just do API versioning.

Talking points:

  • Why is it important to have versioning and which issues does it solve?
  • What are the approaches to API versioning?
  • Which interesting tools and solutions do popular web-frameworks provide?
  • Why versioning is not easy and how to solve the difficulties?
  • Summary.