Съесть собаку #9

Fabrika.space, Blagoveschenskaya St. 1
For cluster participants
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Съесть собаку” is a platform for communication and experience exchange in IT production.


The next meeting Съесть собаку#9 will be dedicated to .NET development. On the 15th June two speakers from Kiev will share their experience:

#1 Anton Moldovan, Software Architect at SBTech
Anton has been working in IT since 2004, having started his career as a C++ developer he carried on with C#/.NET. At this time his major focus is on design of high load distributed systems at the stack of NET/F#. In addition to that he promotes functional programming.


Among Anton’s interests are Distributed System Design; CQRS; TDD; ES; CEP. He got to know the ropes in F#, Actor Model, Domain Driven.


Subject: Dependency Rejection and TDD without Mocks

Talking points:

  • The big role of TDD and DI
  • Problems with TDD and DI
  • The essence of the Dependency Rejection alternative approach
  • TDD destructive perspective without Mocks
  • Summaries


#2 Sergey Kalinets, Software Architect at Rails Reactor

Started his development path back in 2001. Remembers Basic and games on programmed calculators. Managed to learn all the twists and turns while fulfilling PM’s functions for almost 5 years.

Despite of focusing on .NET field Sergey takes interest in different programming languages and paradigms. Got to know the ropes in building an effective development process.


Subject: Steroids for a .NET pro

Talking points:

  • Problems of a standard development process
  • CI pipeline definition
  • Solutions for automation of assembly, testing and deployment
  • Tools for effective development
  • The use of  test twins in .NET
  • “Live code” conception
  • Demonstration of the modern libraries and tools use for effective code writing.


Details and registration
Meet up: 15th June at 18:30 in Fabrika.space, Blagoveschenskaya St. 1.
Lectures start at 19:00.
Participation fee: 250 UAH.

You are welcome to spend some quality time with us!