Съесть собаку #7

regular meetings with development experts

FABRIKA.SPACE, Blagovischenska 1 st.

The first #eatdog meeting this year is taking place on 16th February! “Get to know the ropes” #7 will be dedicated to JavaScript. We will talk about SOLID principles  and work with WebGL.

#1 Andrey Muzalevskiy, Senior JavaScript Developer, Acceptic

Subject: SOLID principles in practice.

Talking points:

  • Development problems in different frameworks
  • Work peculiarities with Backbone / Chaplin
  • What is worth particular attention during development on React /Flux, Redux
  • How SOLID makes life easier
  • How to select a ‘solid’ component
  • Summaries

#2 Vladimir Agafonkin, Lead JavaScript Engineer, Mapbox
Subject: Mapbox GL: How modern interactive maps work

Talking points:

  • What is WebGL and how to work with it
  • Visualization of big data in a browser
  • How vector maps work
  • Drawing geometrical patterns and fonts in WebGL
  • Spatial index, triangulation, clustering and other algorithms
  • Parallel data processing in a browser
  • Compact binary formats
  • Regression testing of drawing.

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