Съесть собаку #16: iOS Meetup in Kharkiv

FABRIKA.SPACE, вул. Благовіщенська, 1

«Съесть собаку» — is a platform for communication and experience exchange in IT production.

On the 21st March we’ll have our 16th «Съесть собаку» meetup with the key focus on iOS. We’ll talk about texts classification with CoreML and macOS development advantages for iOS developers:

#1 Vyacheslav Volodko, iOS Engineer at Grammarly.

Subject: Classifying a text to iOS without CoreML: how and why?

Talking points:

  • Texts classification with the help of built-in iOS  SDK resources;
  • Limitations of NLLanguageRecognizer and MLTextClassifier;
  • Building your own texts classifier;
  • Techniques that allow to build in a classifier into AppExtension;
  • Classifier efficiency evaluation.

#2 Yulia Vaschenko, С++ macOS developer at Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Subject: macOS app development for iOS devs: expand your horizons.

Talking points:

  • Advantages of macOS development for iOS developers;
  • UIKit vs AppKit;
  • Preparation for Marzipan release on our platforms;
  • MacOS & iOS from the historical point of view;
  • Technologies specific for desktop;
  • Demo: modern interprocess communication
  • Bonus for iOS developers, who attended the lecture.

We are meeting on 21st March at 18.30 in Fabrika.space, Blagoveschenska St. 1.

Lectures start at 19:00.

Details and registration

Registration is obligatory.

You are welcome to spend some quality time with us!