“Съесть собаку #13” is a platform for communication and experience exchange in IT production.


On the 14th June we will be waiting for you at another “Съесть собаку #13” meeting, where we’ll discuss work with highload applications. The lectures on that subject will be of use to those dealing with large projects development:


#1 Alexandr Baranezky, Team Lead of True Edit Team at PDFFiller.


Subject: How we experiment in large microservice systems


Talking points:

  • How to make development on microservice system flexible, when it contains over 100 nodes;
  • How to minimize errors and their cost;
  • How to gently ensure version migrations and evolution of the entire system.


#2 Alexander Katynia, CTO at Onliner.by (Belarus)


Subject: Fault-tolerant Redis cluster


Talking points:

  • Why use Redis;
  • Evolution of Redis implementation into a large project, and its pitfalls;
  • Ways to achieve high availability and fault tolerance;
  • Our scenario.

We are meeting on 14th June at 18:30 in Fabrika.space, Blagoveschenska St. 1.


Lectures start at 19:00.


Details and registration: eatdog.com.ua


You are welcome to spend some quality time with us!