At first in history, Ruby Meditation goes to Kharkiv! It will be hot.


Join us in the delightful city Kharkiv, April 14!


Interesting talks, live discussion and awesome speakers. Friendly atmosphere, charming professionals and tasty lunch 😉


Planned talks:

  • “We’re rewriting everything”  — Tetiana Chupryna,  position: Ruby developer

More: “Rewrite from scratch” is considered by many developers as an ultimate tool to fix problems with programs. However, what will happens if a team of a booming startup decide to put aside their code base and start with a fresh beginning? This talk is inspired by a true story. A story of success or failure, it’s up to you to decide.


  • “Peatio”  — Andrey Blazhey,  position: Ruby/Node.js Developer

More:  Create your platform for crypto trading. Features of the development and support of the platform. Connecting popular crypto currency.


  • “A tale of query languages. Is GraphQL The Chosen One?” — Victor Shepelev position: Ruby developer

More: Should you switch to GraphQL today or avoid it as long as you can? How is GraphQL similar to guinea pig? Would it become even scarier than SOAP once was? What query languages prefer really huge data sources like OpenStreetMap? Answers to those and other questions, contrived examples, and shameless rants. Be prepared.


  • “Compromise Driven Development: The right way.” — Maxim Goncharov, position: Full-stack developer

More: Every team often get some problems with implementation of selected solutions. In discussions, developers could find some compromise decision. But will this way be right?


  • “Ruby microservices with Docker” — Sergii Koba,  position: Web Team Lead

More: Docker Compose infrastructure for Microservices. Multistage Docker images build for minimalistic Ruby images. Requests routing and interservice communication. ELK stack for logging microservices with ease.


11:00 Registration and Welcome coffee

11:30 Compromise Driven Development: The right way. — Maxim Goncharov

12:15 Coffee break

12:30 We’re rewriting everything — Tetiana Chupryna

13:15 Lunch

14:15 A tale of query languages. Is GraphQL The Chosen One? — Victor Shepelev

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Peatio — Andrey Blazhey

16:00 Coffee break

16:15 Ruby microservices with Docker — Sergii Koba

17:00 Coffee break

17:15 Lightning Talks

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