Roadshow to the USA 2018

For cluster participants
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Roadshow to the USA 2018: San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Canyons and Burning Man

If you are running an IT-company and want to sell outsourcing services to the USA, we invite you or your sales manager to become one of the participants of the trip to the USA in August-September.

The group will consist of 10-12 people only. You can find out the details and register here

What Roadshow includes (The interests of participants will be taken into account):

  1. Preparation: Together we will work on LinkedIn profiles, websites, presentations, and sales-pitches.

For a month or two before the trip, the appointments with potential clients will be made.

  1. Business meetings: August 24 – September 3 (10 days) – A trip to Burning Man or business meetings in San Francisco and in Silicon Valley.

September 4 – 14 (10 days) – Meetings and Meetups in Dallas and Houston.

  1. Tourism: September 15-22 (8 days) – tourist car tour at the canyons of the USA. Participation is at will and it is possible to take your family with you.
  2. After the trip: We return home, write follow-ups and lead the potential clients to the purchase.

Organizer: Roman Rudnik, CEO at, an entrepreneur with 13 years of experience, the author of several IT products and the organizer of a group roadshow in the USA for executives of IT-companies in autumn 2017.

Pre-registration and details are here