Q&A with Jason Best

Crowdfunding for Technology Business

Fabrika Space (Blagovischenska St., 1, Kharkiv)

Jason Best is co-founder and principal of Crowdfund Capital Advisors (CCA). He co-authored the crowdfund investing framework used in the JOBS Act to legalize equity and debt based crowdfunding in the United States. Mr. Best co-founded the crowdfunding industry trade group that works with the Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA as they create the rules for crowdfund investing. He also works with angel groups, PE/VC firms as well as governments and NGOs, including The World Bank, to understand the crowdfunding ecosystem and create successful crowdfund investing strategies. He was instrumental in the
successful effort to have CCA selected by the US State Department’s
Global Entrepreneurship Program as a Key Partner. Mr. Best is one of the leading experts on crowdfund investing. His framework was used in legislation in the United States to legalize debt and equity
crowdfunding. He has participated in 16 previous State Department
entrepreneurial-related programs.


Ukraine is home to many talented entrepreneurs and small business
owners who lack access to sufficient capital. This lack of capital is
a serious constraint on economic growth. Crowdfund investing is one possible solution to this problem. Unfortunately, Ukraine currently does not have the legal framework to allow equity crowdfunding as a means to raise capital and there is little public knowledge about the topic. U.S. Embassy Kyiv expects this visit will act as a catalyst to move forward discussions permitting crowdfund investing in Ukraine, which could ultimately create a new investment destination for U.S. investors.


U.S. Embassy Kyiv envisions a series of program activities, including programs in Kyiv and Kharkiv, which is home to many tech startups.