ProductMeetUp Kharkiv

18D, Otakara Yarosha street, Ciklum Kharkiv
For cluster participants
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Kharkiv! Don’t miss it tomorrow, August 31, @Product Management Community Center and @Oksana Krykun will discuss and explore a ‘Product value proposition’ at #ProductMeetUpKharkiv.


Product MeetUp Kharkiv in the format of a workshop that will be all about:

About the product and its users (how to identify their needs and profiles)

About the value proposition of the product (value map & value proposition canvas)


@Aksena Krykun – Product Manager at SoftServe. Oksana has an experience working as a product manager in a wide variety of companies, starting with a Task Rabbit services, she worked with client products that have grown and in outsourcing and consulting companies. Oksana is fond of innovation, and the creation of products that are all about the needs of users and business problems, and has experience in product management from the stage of the idea to launch on the market.


August 31, 19:00


18D, Otakara Yarosha street, Ciklum Kharkiv

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