Process Management Course for IT companies.

Kharkiv, Kaplunovsky, 18
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AdvanceIT, the training center for IT Managers and Business Analysts, announces a start of the Process Management Course for IT companies.

8 workshops + 2 case study sessions and tasks for practice in real work in between sessions will help with the following, but not limited to:

  • COO/ CTO/ Delivery/ Project Managers  – to decrease wastes and costs, to increase efficiency, to remove communication barriers between departments.
  • CEO/ BDM/ Account Managers – to improve quality and client satisfaction rate, to find hidden inner capabilities to develop business. 
  • Resource Manager/ HR/ Department managers – to define accountability and authority, manage expectations, soundly evaluate personnel.

For all the mentioned above – helps to get a holistic view of the company and their place in it, to enable effective delegation practice.  

In program

  • Process approach in management: history and models (Lean, ISO, CMMI, etc.)
  • Connection of process, business goals and relations with clients
  • Process modeling 
  • KPI and metrics
  • Process audit, analysis, improvement
  • Fact-based decision making

These knowledge and skills are necessary in case of: 

  • Your company is growing, organizational changes are being implemented
  • You want to attract big clients, scale your business, be predictable.
  • You are in process of digital transformation

Participation in the course requires homework related to the work of your company / project. In order for you to have time to work assignments, classes are 1 time per week. All week, our coach will help you, answer your questions, direct your attention and sometimes push.


Feedbacks on the previous course: spring 2017, autumn 2017, spring 2018

The Course takes place in Kharkov, offline, in the group of 10-15 people.

Training Start: October, 28th, 2019

Process-Management Course fee : $ 449 (can be split into two payments).

Training Mode: 8 three-hour workshops, once-twice a week, starting at 9:00 am, hands-on practice in your real work + 2 case study sessions

Course program and application


Elena Petrova, the course manager 

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