«Process Management» cource

Kharkiv, Garshina str. 9
For cluster participants
  • percent7% for 1 participant <br> 12% for 2+ participant <br> by company

This cource is for those who is engaged with implementation and improvement of work processes in IT-companies.

For  the CEO, COO, CTO, Process Manager, Delivery / Product / Project Manager, HR, managers of departments.


You need it in case of:

  • Your company is growing, organizational changes are being implemented
  • You don’t realize what is being happened in the company, who is in charge of what, especially is you feel that impacts you business goals,
  • You want to attract big clients, scale you business, be predictable.

In program:

  • Process approach in management: history and models (Lean, ISO, CMMI, etc.)
  • Connection of process, business goals and relations with clients
  • Process modeling
  • KPI and metrics
  • Process audit, analysis, improvemnet
  • Fact-based decision making

Participation in the course requires homework related to the work of your company / project. Since processes permeate the entire organization and are the subject of the work of any manager, homework – an external impetus to the organization or refactoring your immediate work. In order for you to have time to work assignments, classes are 1 time per week. All week, our coach will help you, answer your questions, direct your attention and sometimes push.

If desired, and effort on your part, your processes will become clearer at the same time, more flexible, and, uniquely, effective!

Feedbacks on the previous course (spring 2017).

The Course takes place in Kharkov, offline, in the group of 10-20 people.

Training Start: September, 20th, 2017

Process-Management Course fee : $ 399 (can be split into two payments: $ 199.5 – at the beginning of the first month and $ 199.5 at the beginning of the second).

Training Mode: 8 sessions of 3 hours, once a week on Tuesdays, starting at 9:00 am, hands-on practice in your real work