“PreSale Management” course

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AdvanceIT training center​ is inviting you for the  “PreSale Management” course .

10 interactive lessons with practical tasks in groups, case studies and analysing hometasks with support of 4 mentors

PreSale is a final and the most important stage of the sales process – agreement closure  – from showing interest by the potential customer to contract signing

From the sales point of view it is the sales closing stage. 

However the success of the agreement depends not only on Sales Manager, but also on Delivery team regarding Proposal creation: project estimation, choosing the contract type, confirming the rules.

Format of the training is online, but the one that closely resembles offline: same amount of interactive and practical tasks not only individual, but also in groups.

As homework, you will audit and debug your PreSale process and be able to prevent major project risks before contracting.

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Skills that you receive during the course will help you to:

  • For BDM and Sales – raising conversion rate from a “warm” lead to a contract
  • For PM, ВА and Delivery team – easy to implement project expectations and conditions
  • For the whole Company – effective Sales-Delivery interaction without loss and conflict, increasing customer trust and responsiveness.
  • For your Customers – reasonable price, clear process, valuable result

Course content

You will audit and configure the PreSale process and Project Initiation process, you will be able to prevent major project risks before contracting. 

You will learn to:

  • ✔️ Define Scope (and out of scope) of the project (together with Sales, Delivery, Customer)
  • ✔️ Justify proposal and “sell” it to the customer
  • ✔️ Identify customer expectations of product, processes, relationships
  • ✔️ Establish transparent rules of interaction with the customer
  • ✔️ Determine the exact conditions of delivery, acceptance, support, guarantees
  • ✔️ Correctly calculate project budget
  • ✔️ Distribute roles and match expectations within the PreSale team
  • ✔️ Build cooperation with recruiting at the PreSale stage
  • ✔️ Prevent contract breakdowns and problems during the project, related to the main legal peculiarities of working with foreign contractors and PEs.

Not only you will have to work but also your colleagues will.

The course will be useful for 

Sales manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Tech/Team Leads, CEO, CTO.

It also will be a plus for BDM, Account manager, COO.  

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Contacts: Olena Petrova 

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