Plan B

Location, Blagoveshchenskaya, 1

When nothing goes right, go left. If the business “does not fly” and slows down, it’s time to use plan B.

What is it like? Within six months, Maxim Bakhmatov will hold several meetings in 5 cities of Ukraine with practitioners and professionals who will help entrepreneurs “steer” out of difficult business situations and avoid the typical problems of start-ups in Ukraine.

We will hold the first meeting within the framework of the “Plan B” with Oksana Kobzar, a partner of Axon Partners, the founder of her own law office, a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association. Legal hygiene of a startup, the subtleties of taxation, out of the shadows, the distribution of roles.

2 hours of short consultations, 2 hours of fireside chat.

November 8, Kharkiv,

Your questions are our answers.

Details and tickets on the link.