Логотип Kharkiv IT Cluster та компанії REACH. Напис: Конкурс можливостей для малих та середніх бізнесів

Open Call by REACH Incubator: a competition of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses


Every business, whether it’s a new startup or a giant corporation, generates a significant amount of data during its operations. And every year, this amount grows exponentially, causing problems of storage, duplication, and data saturation in the network.
The REACH took on this challenge. This is a second-generation Europe-wide incubator for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises that work together to develop innovative solutions based on industrial and personal data.

To strengthen the team that would spread ideas for harmonious work with data, REACH Incubator is organizing a competition for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises!

How to participate?

You should register on the official REACH Incubator website to join the program.

What results can be achieved?

  • Up to €120k equity free funding;
  • Access to large corporations and their industrial datasets;
  • Access to digital and business skills;
  • Access to the REACH Toolbox for secure and trusted data value chains;
  • Big data computing infrastructure.

Applications are open until 21 February 2022 at 5 PM CET (Brussels Time).